Nowhere else will you experience the world of home and building automation as impressively and inspiringly as with us.

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Welcome to the exciting Loxone universe

Experience Loxone up close

The inimitable convenience of building automation surrounds you everywhere on the Loxone Campus – discreetly in the background. If you would like to find out more about the background, the Loxone Experience Zone offers you a unique opportunity!

Discover who and what Loxone is in a playful and entertaining way. Dive deep into the fascinating story of Loxone and find out what an important contribution building automation makes to energy saving. Experience interactively what is possible with the intelligent solutions from Loxone, collect real “wow” moments and compete with other visitors in a playful competition. All this – and much more – makes the Experience Zone the perfect excursion destination for interested parties, companies, families and schoolchildren.

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With a cinema, diorama, gaming room and extraordinary sound and light effects, the Experience Zone brings the DNA of Loxone to life. And this is impressive for automation professionals and laymen alike.

  • Cinema: Experience a completely digital experience tour. You choose any scenario: Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Smart Office,…
  • Who: Get to know the people behind Loxone – partners, Loxonauts, familiar faces,…
  • When: In the form of a miniature world, you can review the last 13 years of Loxone as well as the technical highlights.
  • What: On a 10-meter-long table, you can experience interactively what is possible with our intelligent solutions.
  • Wow: Let yourself be surprised by an impressive wow installation!

Experience the Loxone Campus up close…

For just 15 euros per person*, we offer you an exciting campus tour that includes entry to the Experience Zone. In addition, there is a small souvenir and a 5 euro consumption voucher for the popular Glorious Bastards restaurant.

*mind. 10 participants

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Contact our reception for a non-binding offer.

T: +43 7287 7070-600
E: office@loxone.com

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Questions about
experience zone

What are the opening hours?

The Experience Zone is open daily from 08:00 to 21:00. A visit takes about 90 minutes.

Do I have to book in advance?

No reservation is necessary. Just come along and experience it.

Can I come along with a larger group (school classes, clubs, companies, etc.)?

You are welcome to experience the Experience Zone with a group of up to 35 people. Please contact us in advance so that we can put together an exciting program for you if necessary. Please contact us at +43 7287 7070 600 or office@loxone-campus.com.

Can I visit the Experience Zone with a small child?

The Experience Zone is open to all age groups, but the content is aimed at a target group of 15-99 year olds.

Is there barrier-free access?

The Experience Zone is accessible by elevator and therefore barrier-free – wheelchair users are very welcome. We would like to point out that there are many visual effects and the exhibition is therefore unfortunately not suitable for visually impaired people.

Is the Experience Zone also suitable for international guests?

The entire exhibition is available in German and English. We are looking forward to an international audience.

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