Mother’s Day brunch

, 2024/05/12 08:30

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2024/05/22 20:00

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Omar Sarsam is an Austrian cabaret artist and specialist in pediatric and adolescent surgery and is coming to the auditorium of the Loxone Campus at the invitation of the Rotary Club Rohrbach. On Wednesday, 22 May 2024, he will present his program “Sonderklasse” from 8 pm.

Organizer: Rotary Club Rohrbach

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2024/05/24 09:00

Teamleader Academy

Basic and advanced training for team leaders and future managers with practice-oriented topics. Can be completed at the Loxone Campus from February 2024.


Organizer: Loxone Campus

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2024/10/12 20:00

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Never is nothing. It’s deceptive to think that today is one of those days that just chills out uneventfully. And we are already in the middle of a fast-paced story. Gery Seidl with beziehungsWEISE on 20.10.24 as a guest at the Loxone Campus in Kollerschlag.

Organizer: KIKAS

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